A Windows HDR Calibration app is heading to the Microsoft Store

Xbox has the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app to help displays and games work well with each other when it comes to adapting to high dynamic range (HDR). Windows doesn’t have such an app, which means light and dark parts of your screen can lose vital visual details due to HDR deviations.

To address this issue, Microsoft has announced that Windows will be getting its own HDR calibration app. Soon, color consistency and accuracy issues will be a thing of the past on your PC monitor. The only mysteries are whether this will come to Windows 11 and Windows 10 as well as when the app will actually arrive. There is no date for this yet, but in the announcement blog postMicrosoft notes that Windows Insiders at the Dev Channel have already seen a teaser for its arrival.

“If you’re on the Windows Insiders Dev channel, you may have noticed a new ‘Display HDR Calibration’ section under System > Display > HDR Settings,” the blog post reads, illustrating where the app will reside at the moment. to come up. Until then, going to that destination will just take you to the aforementioned message that the app is on its way. Expect the app to offer three test patterns:

  • One to determine the darkest visible detail you can see
  • One to determine the brightest visible detail
  • And finally, one to determine the brightness of your screen

That’s all the news for the Windows HDR Calibration app. But if you want to learn more about the latest insider surprises, watch our hands-on video with the latest release.

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