Do you remember WSATools? The app is still not on the Microsoft Store but an impostor certainly is

WSATools was an app released on the Microsoft Store almost two months ago and is designed to streamline the process of loading Android apps on Windows 11, from a fairly delicate process of using the Android Debug Bridge (adb) command line tool method. However, the app was removed from the Store for some reasons, but Microsoft reportedly promised its developer that WSATools would make a comeback if the detected issues were resolved.

However, it looks like the app still hasn’t made a comeback and instead you’ll see an impostor version of it when you search for WSATools on the Microsoft Store.

This seemingly impostor app is called “Apk â„¢ Installer” and is created by the developer named “置顶 广告”. The logo used is also quite similar for both (image above). The real one on the left is the WSATools logo.

However, the logo isn’t the only thing similar between the two apps. The descriptions of apps on the Microsoft Store were also mostly copy-pasted. In fact, the manufacturer Apk â„¢ Installer even forgot to replace the word WSATools with the name of its own application in the middle of the description.

ApkInstaller description error because it mentions WSATools
via Apk â„¢ Installer (Microsoft Store)

We are by no means suggesting that the new Apk â„¢ Installer is in any way better or worse than WSATools, however, it is possible that a user looking for the latter will mistakenly download the wrong application, especially since searching for WSATools brings up Apk â„¢ Installer on Microsoft Store.

It also looks like a copy-paste hack job from WSATools at least from the first impression it provides.

So, if you are looking for WSATools, you can download the app through this link. But keep in mind that both of these apps are unofficial third-party tools.

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