Fixing Microsoft Store Error 0x87AF0813 The Good Way

The Microsoft Store is very useful for downloading apps for your Windows 11/10 computer. Downloading apps through Microsoft Store is easy and safe, but sometimes users encounter Microsoft Store error 0x87AF0813. If you encounter this error on your Windows system, please read this article for the solution.

Fix Microsoft Store Error 0x87AF0813

Microsoft Store error 0x87AF0813 occurs when users attempt to install a new app from the Microsoft Store. The main reason behind this error should be internet connectivity but even if the internet connection is good, corrupted or missing files and folders can cause the problem in the chat.

Try the following solutions in order to solve Microsoft Store error 0x87AF0813:

  1. Check internet connection
  2. Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter
  3. Reset Microsoft Store
  4. Repair the Microsoft Store

1]Check internet connection

If the Internet connection is not working, the Microsoft Store will not work. Thus, it is advisable to check the internet connection before anything else. Try to open a website on the browser. Also use another internet connection and see.

2]Run Windows Store App Troubleshooter

Windows Update Troubleshooter

the Windows Store apps The troubleshooter checks for problems with the Microsoft Store app and apps downloaded through it. If possible, this also solves these problems. The procedure to run the Windows Store app troubleshooter is as follows.

Right click on the To start up button and select Settings.

In the Settings window, go to System tab in the left pane.

In the right pane, navigate to Troubleshooting >> Other troubleshooters.

Then click on Course corresponding to the Windows Update Troubleshooter to perform the same.

3]Reset Microsoft Store

Resetting the Microsoft Store restores and changes default settings. It also removes Microsoft Store cache files. In this case, all the problems caused by the corrupt Microsoft Store cache can be undone. The Microsoft Store reset procedure is as follows.

Press Win + R to open the Course the window.

In the Run window, type the command WSRESET.exe and knock Walk in.

4]Repair the Microsoft Store

Repair the Microsoft Store

If all else fails, you can consider repairing the Microsoft Store. The procedure for doing this is as follows:

Right click on the To start up button and select Settings from the menu.

Go to apps in the left pane.

Then go to Apps and features in the right pane.

Scroll to Microsoft Store and click on the 3 dots that correspond to it.

To select advanced option.

Scroll to Repair section and click Repair.

Reboot the system when done.

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87af0813?

If you see Xbox error code 0x87af0813 when trying to launch a new installed game, follow these steps:

  • Clear your console’s cache: Turn off the Xbox console by pressing the Xbox button until it turns off completely. Unplug the console’s power cable and wait 15 seconds. Reconnect the console’s power cable and turn on your Xbox.
  • Reset the console to factory settings by choosing to keep games and apps: Settings > System > Console Info > Reset Console

Where is my Microsoft Store?

The Microsoft Store icon would usually be visible on the taskbar itself. However, if it is not present there, you can click on the Start button and search for applications.

Other than that, you can search the Microsoft Store using the Windows search bar.

Is the Microsoft Store free?

Yes, Microsoft Store itself is free. On the contrary, it is already present in the system by default. However, apps downloaded through the Microsoft Store can be free or paid.

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