Forza Horizon relisted on the Microsoft Store

Xbox 360 favorite Forza Horizon has mysteriously reappeared on the Microsoft Store out of the blue. However, it doesn’t appear to be included with Xbox Game Pass, and the price might raise some eyebrows…

Update: Forza Horizon was quickly pulled from sale shortly after this article was published, suggesting it was simply a mistake on Microsoft’s part. A physical copy is now the only way to get the 360 ​​racer back, and this quick removal seems to dash any hopes of the DLC being relisted for those who want/need it. We’ll keep you posted if we learn more about Horizon’s brief return to the MS Store.

Original story: If you didn’t manage to grab all of Forza Horizon’s achievements before it was delisted in 2016, now seems like a rare chance to make amends, though you might want to hurry because it could just be a mistake on Microsoft’s part, so it’s unclear how long it will hang around. It should also be noted that the servers remain closed, which means that many online achievements are still interrupted.

Forza Horizon available for purchase again!

Forza Horizon

From the creators of this generation’s highest rated racing franchise, Forza Horizon combines the legendary authenticity of Forza with the freedom of the open road.

In the same vein, we have not been able to verify whether or not the purchase materializes if you To do buy the relisted runner, and we’re hesitant to try given that most of us already own it, and the relisted price is a bit high. It’s on sale for £29.99 / €29.99 in the UK and Europe, while US gamers get a bit better deal with a price of $19.99. However, the DLC still seems to be removed from the list, with only the base game having a price.

Let us know in the comments if you manage to buy Forza Horizon digitally more than five years after it was delisted… I’m sure someone will bite the bullet and give it a try!

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