Free Software for Bulk Uninstallers, Microsoft Store Apps on Windows

In this article, we have created a list of some best free tools to bulk uninstall Microsoft Store programs and apps to Windows 11/10 computers. Some of these tools also offer the ability to bulk uninstall Microsoft Store apps from your computer. Windows 11/10 operating system already comes with native or built-in options to uninstall a program, but if you want uninstall multiple programs at oncethen the tools covered in this article will come in handy.

Bulk Uninstall Microsoft Store Programs and Apps on Windows

Here is a list of top 5 tools that allow you to batch uninstall Microsoft Store programs and apps from your Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Bulk crap uninstaller
  2. Absolute Uninstaller
  3. dUninstaller
  4. Uninstaller
  5. UninstallShow
  6. IObit uninstaller.

Let’s explore these tools.

Free Software for Bulk Uninstallers and Microsoft Store Apps

1]Bulk crap uninstaller

Bulk crap uninstaller (BCUninstaller)

Bulk Crap Uninstaller (or BCUninstaller) is an open source tool that lets you bulk uninstall Microsoft Store apps as well as third-party programs From your computer. This tool allows you to uninstall programs and apps silently as well as with detailed settings. It can also let you search for remnants (registry entries and other entries) of programs and apps you’ve uninstalled, and then remove those entries.

There are many other important and interesting features present in this tool. For example, you can use this tool to manage, detect and uninstall:

  1. Hidden/protected registry apps
  2. Missing uninstaller apps
  3. steam games
  4. Oculus Games
  5. Windows features, etc.

To bulk uninstall programs and apps using this tool, get its installer or portable version. After opening this tool, complete the wizard process and the main interface will be in front of you, displaying all installed programs and Microsoft Store apps. Now select the apps, programs and other apps that you want to uninstall. Click on the Uninstall if you want to uninstall items with detailed settings or press the button Uninstall quietly if you want to uninstall items in the background.

After the uninstallation process is complete, it will prompt you to search for remnants of uninstalled items. After that, you can continue to search for the leftovers and then delete them from your computer.

2]Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller also comes with the feature of uninstall multiple programs and Microsoft Store apps at once. This tool allows you to view the list of programs and applications by category. You can access Windows Apps, rarely used programs, Windows Updates, major programs, recently installed programs, and all programs separately. This will make it easier for you to know which programs and apps you want to uninstall.

Once you have installed this tool, launch it and a list of all programs and applications will be in front of you. For each item, you can view the installation date, publisher name, program name, and item size.

To uninstall programs and apps in bulk:

  1. Click on the Batch Uninstall button available at the top left of its interface
  2. Now the checkboxes will appear before the name of each program and application
  3. Select the apps and programs you want to uninstall
  4. Click on the Uninstall verified programs button.

That’s it! Now let the uninstall process complete and those selected programs and apps will be removed.


Uninstaller software

The dUninstaller tool is free for personal use and it can only be used to uninstall programs in bulk. Microsoft Store apps cannot be removed using this tool. You can also blacklist programs on its interface so that you only have programs that need to be uninstalled.

Apart from uninstalling programs, it also helps to remove leftover registry entries of those programs. But you have to manually paste the registry paths of these entries into the Registration tab present on its interface.

To use this tool, type it in After installation, open the interface and the list of all programs will be visible. If you want, you can select programs and then add them to the blacklist. Otherwise, it is not necessary to do so. Simply select the programs and press the Uninstall now button present on the right side of its interface. After that, the tool will remove all selected programs one by one.

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Uninstaller software

Uninstaller is another free tool for removing multiple programs at once. This tool also comes with other great features. You can use it for verify digital signature of a program, export the list of all programs with program name, publisher name, program version, installation date and program size as an HTML file, and use the Force Uninstall option if a program does not delete directly or if there is an interruption.

To use this tool, download it from Install it and launch the tool. Now all installed programs will be visible to you. To uninstall programs in bulk:

  1. Check the box available for the Batch Uninstall option present in the lower right corner of its interface
  2. Now the checkboxes will appear just before the name of each program. Check the boxes of the programs you want to uninstall
  3. Click on the Uninstall button present on the lower central part
  4. A small confirmation box will appear to remove the selected program. press the Yes button
  5. After uninstalling the program, it will ask you to check the leftovers (registry entries, BAT files, temporary files, etc.) of this program. You can continue with this process to remove the leftovers
  6. After that, it will start uninstalling the second program you selected.

This process will continue until all selected programs are removed from your computer. In this way, it helps you to uninstall the programs in bulk.


Uninstall the View software

UninstallView is one of the best tools on this list. It displays the list of installed programs with detailed information. You will be able to see program name, Registry name, check-in time, display version, installation date, program installed for current user or all users, installation location, editor’s name, installation folder creation time, installation folder owner, installation folder modification time, editor’s name, uninstall string, change install string, silent uninstall string, comments, Program URLand more.

Apart from viewing this detailed information, you can also save all this information as SMS, HTML, JSON, CSV file, etc The feature to uninstall Microsoft Store apps using PowerShell is also present. You don’t need to enter the command to uninstall a Microsoft Store app. It automatically opens PowerShell with the application uninstall command selected. Just type Yes and press the Enter key to uninstall this application.

To uninstall multiple programs or applications:

  1. Open its interface and it will load the list of all apps on its interface
  2. Now click on the Choice menu
  3. To select Allow uninstallation of multiple items option present in the Options menu
  4. Now select the programs you want to uninstall
  5. Click on the File menu
  6. To select Silently uninstall selected software option in the File menu
  7. A confirmation box will appear
  8. press the Yes button in this box.

After that, the process of uninstalling the selected programs will start and end.

6]IObit Uninstaller

Bulk Uninstall Programs and Apps in Windows 10 Using IObit Uninstaller

The free version of IObit Uninstaller is enough to batch remove installed software/apps as well as Microsoft Store apps from your Windows PC. The best part is that you can also use it to uninstall pre-installed apps or system apps with just a few mouse clicks. The list of features is quite good

That’s it! I hope you find these tools useful.

How to uninstall multiple programs at once in Windows?

Windows provides options to uninstall programs using the Settings app, Registry Editor, Control Panel, Command Prompt, etc., but only one program can be uninstalled at a time . If you want to uninstall multiple programs at once on Windows 11/10 computer, you need to use third-party tools. Luckily, there are many good free tools available on the internet that allow you to bulk uninstall programs on Windows 11/10 computer. We have also created a list of these tools in this article above. Some of these tools also have the ability to uninstall multiple Microsoft Store apps at once.

How do I bulk remove programs from my computer?

If you want to mass remove programs from your Windows 11/10 computer, you can use free tools available on the Internet. These tools silently uninstall programs. This means that user interaction is not required. The uninstallation process runs silently in the background. You can check out the list of such tools covered above in this article to bulk remove programs from your computer.

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