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Gears 5 has been available with pretty big discounts on Steam recently, but the free is always better than the discount. Here is a way to get Gears 5 for free from the Microsoft Store, as long as you haven’t already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, which will have already given you access to the game anyway.

Gears 5 free from Microsoft Store

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First, you will need to download the Xbox application and Xbox Insider Hub from the Microsoft Store. You can do this through the links or search for them on the Microsoft Store. If the Xbox Insider Hub is not available to you, you may need to change your Windows region to the United States. This parameter can be found in Settings -> Time and language -> Region. You will need to select “United States” in the Country or region scrolling menu. You should be able to download the Xbox Insider Hub after that.

<i>Gears 5</i> free Xbox Accessibility Insider League

The one you downloaded both on Xbox application and Xbox Insider Hub, you should be able to see the Insider icon along the top bar of the Xbox application. You can also open the Xbox Insider Hub and join the Xbox Insider program. Once you are done, you will be given a menu that will allow you to join the Xbox Accessibility Insider League.

After joining you can return to the main screen in the Xbox Insider Hub and you should be able to see the “XAIL Gears 5 Accessibility Overview ”at your disposal. Click on it, then click the Join button to add Gears 5 to your Microsoft account for free.

gears 5 insider free

Once you’re done, you should be able to exit the accessibility program and keep the game. It looks like Microsoft is working to enable accessibility features in Gears 5, and thus offers the game for free to those who wish to help improve the accessibility features of the game. We hope that you will at least help our peers with different abilities to better enjoy the game by completing these short “quests” in the game. Xbox Insider Hub to improve their accessibility features available in the “Activities” tab.

UPDATE: The program is complete

gears 5 error message

Apparently, the accessibility program for Gears 5 is full now, and you may not be able to get the game for free anymore. Thanks to our reader for bringing this to our attention!


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