How to download apps from Microsoft Store with WINGET


Microsoft has released an updated version of Windows Package Manager. The package manager is known to users as WINGET, and it is available for Windows 11 and Windows 10. Now, with the new version, Microsoft has added Microsoft Store as a source, which means you can use winget to download apps from Store. This might not be a big deal for some, but for those who like to use the winget, it is quite important.

What is the WINGET tool?

The winget command line tool allows developers to find, install, upgrade, remove, and build applications on Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers. This tool is the client user interface for the Windows Package Manager service. At the moment, the winget tool is currently a form of preview, therefore not all the expected features are available to developers.

How to download WINGET for Windows 11

OK, so if you haven’t installed the latest version of winget yet, we suggest you visit the project’s GitHub repository. Download the file, then install it on your computer, and from there it’s time to get things going.

How to install WINGET on Windows 11/10

If you are not interested in downloading the tool from GitHub, the easiest way to do so is from the Microsoft Store. Visit this Windows App Installer link to download Microsoft App Installer because winget is part of the package.

How to use WINGET

Once the installation is complete, you need to launch the command prompt by pressing the button Windows key + R to open the To run dialog box, and from there type CMD in the box. Hit Enter and the Command Prompt will open immediately.

Now you’ll want to type the following command, to get started:


You will now see a list of commands that you can use, and they are as follows:

  • To install: Install the given package
  • Spectacle: Displays information about a package
  • Source: Manage package sources
  • To look for: Find and display basic package information
  • List: Show installed packages
  • To improve: Upgrades the given package
  • Uninstall: uninstall the given package
  • Chop: Help to hash installation files
  • To validate: validate a manifest file
  • Settings: Open settings or define administrator settings
  • Characteristics: Displays the status of experimental features
  • Export: exports a list of installed packages
  • Import: Install all packages in a file

You’ll also see commands to check the version of the tool, among other things.

How to download apps from Microsoft Store with WINGET

How to use WINGET to download apps from Microsoft Store

To download apps from the store via winget, you need to know the name of the app. For example, if the name is Netflix, you would enter the following command in the command prompt:

winget search netflix

Press the Enter key to launch the command, then search for the terms of the source agreements. Type Yes accept then hit Enter.

You should now see a list of apps with the name Netflix. Usually the top one is the correct version.

Now the next step is to type the following command and press Enter once you have finished

winget install Netflix

Remember, if the name has a space, then you will need to use double quotes.

The installation shouldn’t take a long time.

Once done, open the Start menu and you will see your recently installed app through the Recommendation section.

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