How to use the Microsoft Store in Windows 11


The Microsoft Store is the built-in storefront for Windows users to download apps, games, TV shows, and movies. The move to Windows 11 introduces a redesign with clearer categories and easier navigation so you can more easily find the apps and media you need.

Microsoft is also taking a giant step forward by making third-party storefronts available for download from the Microsoft Store. The first to be added is the Epic Games Store, which offers a wide range of games and apps. The Amazon Appstore, which will allow Android apps to run natively on Windows 11, is currently in beta.

On your Windows 11 computer, click the Microsoft Store icon in the taskbar to access the storefront. The home screen displays sections for promoted apps, essential apps, free games, top free apps, trending apps, and collections. The Microsoft Store is further divided into tabs for apps, games, movies, and TV shows.


Click it applications in the left sidebar to display free and paid apps to download. The page is divided into sections for Special Sales, Top Selling Apps, Productivity, and Collections.


Click it Games on the left and scroll down to view free and paid games to download. The page highlights Promoted Games, Top Selling Games, Top Free Games, Top Paid Games, and Collections.

tv shows and movies

Looking to watch a movie or TV show? Click it Movies and TV icon in the left sidebar. You can scroll the screen to discover new movies, featured movies, new TV shows, top selling TV shows, and movie and TV series collections.

to look for

Instead of browsing individual categories, you can just search for an app, game, movie, or TV show. Type your search term in the top search bar. You can then refine the search by selecting applications, Games, Movies, Where TV shows.


Searches may be further restricted by several additional factors. Click it Filters at the top right, and you can filter by age group and type (free, paid or on sale). Depending on the department you choose, you should be able to filter by additional criteria such as category or subscription type.

Manage the library


Find something you want to download? Select the app you want. If it’s free, click the To have button. For paid applications, click the button with the price above it.


To keep an eye on the items you have downloaded or purchased, click the button Library icon at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on Open next to a specific application to launch it. Click the ellipsis icon to share the app, pin it to the taskbar, or pin it to the Start menu.

get updates

Click it Get Updates button to get all the latest updates for your apps. If the app shows a cloud icon next to it, it means you’ve downloaded the app on another computer or device. Click this icon to download it to your current device. You can also sort the list of apps by date, name, installed or not installed.

sorting library

Download Epic Games Store

epic game store

The Microsoft Store plans to host the storefronts of other companies, starting with the Epic Games Store and the Amazon Appstore. For Epic, find and download the Epic Games Store app from the Microsoft Store.


Once installed, the Epic Games Store launcher appears on the desktop and in the Apps screen on the Start menu. Open the program, then sign in with an Epic Games, Facebook, Google, Xbox Live, or Apple account.

claim game

The Epic Games Store mainly offers PC games, some of which are free. Click the price button to download and install a paid game; click the Get button to claim a free game. There are also non-gaming apps like Brave browser, Discord, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

game library

Click it Library to view all your games and apps, then click an entry to install or launch it. To manage your Epic Games apps and downloads, click Settings to enable or disable specific options, such as offline browsing, cloud saves, etc.

Manage Microsoft Store account settings

manage your account

To manage all your apps, devices, and Microsoft Store accounts, click on your profile icon and select Manage account and devices to open your Microsoft account website. Here you can cancel or renew subscriptions and view or unlink all connected devices.

manage payments

To set up or manage your payment method for purchasing items from the Microsoft Store, click on your profile icon and select Payment methods. You can then view your transactions and add or remove a specific payment method.

redeem code

To redeem a code or gift card in the store, click on your profile icon and select Redeem code or gift cards. At the window, enter the gift card or coupon number and use the code.

application settings

To manage your application settings, click on your profile icon and select Application settings. You can then determine whether apps should update automatically, whether Microsoft should ask for a password when you make a purchase, whether the current PC should run offline apps and games, or whether autoplay should be turned on or off. disabled.

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