Launched Microsoft Windows 11 Speech Clarity feature; you get a big advantage

Microsoft Windows 11 just got a new Voice Clarity feature.

Microsoft Windows 11 Speech Clarity feature has been rolled out for its latest operating system. The new feature will use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make your voice much clearer during calls and recordings. Earlier, Microsoft Teams launched a similar feature that minimizes and eliminates background noise for people in noisy environments. However, this feature will now also work with other video calling apps. The feature is currently exclusive to Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, a relatively niche product from Microsoft. But it’s likely to roll out to more devices in the future. Know what this feature is and how it works.

What is Microsoft’s Voice Clarity feature for Windows 11

Microsoft’s Voice Clarity feature will use premium audio processing that makes audio calls clearer by eliminating background noise and voices. It uses advanced audio processing to attenuate noise in the environment.

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The company in its blog mentioned that this new feature will more clearly capture user voice details such as laughter, emotion, and confidence. This will allow users to get up and walk around the room without worrying about their voice and background noise.

How Microsoft’s Windows 11 Speech Clarity Works

As of now, Microsoft has rolled out the Voice Clarity feature exclusively on Windows 11 for Surface Laptop Studio. This new feature will work with higher bandwidth to capture the full audio spectrum of users’ voices and let people hear each other clearly with advanced echo control. This feature will integrate signals from multiple microphones to extend the listening range. This will help two-way dialogue flow more naturally and provide an in-person conversational experience.

Microsoft continues to introduce more features to improve its products for users. Recently, the tech giant rolled out Android app support for Windows 11 allowing users to install Android apps from the Amazon Appstore on their computers or systems. But note that Android apps are not available directly from the Microsoft Store.

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