Microsoft announces general availability of Windows Server 2022


It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft almost silently released Windows Server 2022, and now the company has officially announced that the operating system is generally available.

The release comes just over a month before the Windows 11 rollout begins, and the focus is on security. In particular, there is the addition of Secure Encrypted Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) and AES-256 encryption with support for Server Message Block (SMB). The latest version of Windows Server also significantly increases hardware support.

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In a blog post on general operating system availability, Bernardo Caldas, vice president of program management, core operating system and edge infrastructure at Microsoft, says, “Customers who switch to Windows Server 2022 can take advantage of scalability enhancements such as support for 48TB of memory and 2048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets for demanding Layer 1 ”applications.

It goes to to advise:

In this release, customers can also take advantage of the advancements of Windows containers. For example, Windows Server 2022 improves application compatibility of Windows containers, includes HostProcess containers for node configuration, supports IPv6 and dual stack, and enables consistent network policy implementation with Calico. Additionally, we continue to work with the Kubernetes community to enable support for Windows Server 2022 containers and bring new functionality to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and AKS on Azure Stack HCI.

Other highlights of Windows Server 2022 include SMB compression, secure core server, Windows Admin Center enhancements, and more. Pricing starts at $ 501 for the Essentials edition, $ 1,069 for the Standard edition and $ 6,155 for the Datacenter edition

Caldas concludes his article by sharing the different ways to learn more and get started with Windows Server 2022:

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