Microsoft does not rename Windows Server to Microsoft Server operating system

Microsoft has acted quickly to quash a rumor that the company is considering renaming Windows Server to the Microsoft Server operating system.

The rumor arose out of a change, noticed by Tero Alhonen, made to the installation experience on Microsoft Server build 20334, where the name Windows Server has been changed to Microsoft Server Operating System.

Windows Server Build 20334

Windows Server Build 20329

The mark has also been spotted in other places.

The change would of course make sense, given that an increasing number of Windows servers are administered through a terminal, with no windows involved.

Artem Pronichkin, a senior program manager at Microsoft working on Windows Server, provided clarification, however.

He said the changes were made to accommodate Azure Stack HCI, which Microsoft describes as a “operating system provided as an Azure service that provides the latest security, performance and feature updates“, so the same configuration procedure applied for one or the other.

While this is a red herring, it seems likely that at some point in the future Microsoft will deviate enough from its server and desktop operating systems that the same name does not exist. not apply to both. Today is just not today.

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