Microsoft Introduces New Full “Server” Container Image for Windows Server 2022 –


Microsoft Introduces Full New “Server” Container Image for Windows Server 2022

Microsoft on Thursday announced a preview of a new full “Server” container image option for Windows Server 2022 when using the “desktop experience”.

This server container image is currently available for testing by Windows Insider Program participants using Windows Server 2022 build 20344. Microsoft announced the release of build 20344 Wednesday. Windows Server 2022 has been in the preview stage since early March.

The new server container image “will be available with [the] Windows Server 2022 version only, ”the announcement said. This statement apparently means that Microsoft has no plans to backport it to older Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 products.

Windows Server container options
Windows Server provides a number of deployment options that can be used to host containers: Server Core (medium size), Nano Server (small size), and the full GUI (large). Microsoft refers to this latter GUI option as the desktop experience.

In addition, there are three basic types of container operating system images, for example this document, namely Core, Nano Server and Windows Base. The document explained that “Windows requires the version of the host operating system to match the version of the container operating system.”

The new server container image, now released in preview for Windows Server 2022, represents a fourth base type of container operating system image.

Windows containers vs. server containers
Windows container images offered the best application compatibility. Their use, however, is limited to Microsoft’s Windows Server-as-a-service products, which follow a “semi-annual channel” update model. Thus, Windows container images may not be an option for some organizations that want to deploy Windows Server in their on-premises “premises” environments. Microsoft’s announcement included a table clarifying these very confusing details.

While Windows containers offered the best application compatibility, they also had constraints that were present “by design,” the announcement explained. The new Server container, now available in preview with Windows Server 2022, overcomes these constraints.

Here are the specific constraints that disappear with the new server container approach on Windows Server 2022, according to the announcement:

The new server container option gives Windows Server 2020 users access to more comprehensive Windows Server functionality, Microsoft argued.

“As we commit to investing in the Windows container industry, we believe it is a good thing at the right time to create a new image based on a ‘full’ edition of Windows Server to enable more functionality,” said explained the ad.

Oddly enough, even though the new server container option for Windows Server 2022 offers the best and most comprehensive Windows Server features, its deployment size (3.1 GB) is slightly smaller than the deployment size (3.4 GB). ) Windows containers.

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