Microsoft Store gives gamers more control over installed games

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  • Microsoft has plans in the works to give users control over the directories where games are installed.
  • The new update will allow players to make changes and switch folders without any restrictions.
  • Users will be able to install games from Xbox Game Pass Pc or Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has made major changes to the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. Windows 10 users should also expect similar updates in the future.

Microsoft now allows more apps on the Microsoft Store than before. However, they are quite specific and reserved about the type of apps they allow on their platform.

They always hold the rights to the directories where the downloaded applications are installed. However, plans are underway to change this.

Microsoft is currently running tests that will eventually allow users to control the directories to which they install games. Users will be able to download and install these games from Xbox Game Pass for PC or Microsoft Store.

Make changes

Players will have the freedom to move games from a folder to a location of their choosing. They will also be able to make changes without encountering any restrictions. The change should be accompanied by an update to the Xbox application for PC.

The update will allow players to select custom install drives and folders. This will also allow users to save their progress in games.

Personalized gaming experience

The update is in place to ensure gamers can customize their Xbox app experience while playing some of their favorite PC games like Halo Infinite, Ages of Empires IV, Back 4 Blood, and Forza Horizon 5.

The official release date of this update is yet to be confirmed. Be on the lookout for the update on the Microsoft Store!

Halo Infinity has just launched on Horizon. The updates will prove to be quite interesting for the big fans of the game.

The customization options offered by the update will make it similar to apps like Steam. Steam allows its users to make comprehensive changes to folders according to their preferences.

Are you excited to see this new update on the Microsoft Store? What feature are you most excited about? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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