Microsoft Store’s apps section is still a dumpster fire

In one new blog post in which he discussed a number of things including the (near) future of Windows 11, Panos Panay, Director of Products, Windows + Devices, explained how the new operating system generates 3 times more traffic to the new redesigned system. Microsoft Store.

“We are energized by the feedback from our customers and partners about the new Microsoft Store,” he said. But hmm… Maybe he needs to get out of his bubble and see what Windows clients are really saying.

Nine years ago I wrote an article for BetaNews in which I said that “the Windows Store is like a Bangkok night market – full of cheap counterfeits”. In my story, I noted that many big name apps were missing from the store, and in their place were a lot of knockoffs and cheap counterfeits.

Fast forward to today, and the Windows Store is now part of the Microsoft Store and provides a one-stop shop for everything from apps to hardware.

As Panay said, the Microsoft Store recently got a makeover for Windows 11, but a new topic on Reddit shows how little has really changed when it comes to the app side of the Store.

Editor n0m0neym0repr0blems posted an image of OpenOffice Suite and asked “Why does Microsoft allow this on their store?”

He doesn’t hate OpenOffice but was asking instead because OpenOffice is free, and the version he was asking from RepackagerExpress (not Apache) was priced at $69.99 – although it is currently “on sale” in the store for $9.99).

The responses came thick and fast, and make for fun and overwhelming reading. Although RepackagerExpress is allowed to sell OpenOffice because the software license allows it, it’s still sketchy and Microsoft allows this behavior in its quest to get big name apps onto the store, a battle it’s been fighting and losing ever since. first day.

In the Reddit thread, Superjack78 noted: “The Microsoft Store is the worst app store out there. Go there and try searching for GIMP or OBS on the MS Store; you’ll find 13 different paid versions of free software (and probably another 30 paid ‘Books’ on how to use them) I still don’t understand why people keep using the MS store Microsoft allows anyone to download from the store so I don’t even feel safe using it .

GardenDrummer adds: “I went to the Microsoft Store hoping I could install Teams from there. Silly it wasn’t there! I had to go to the Teams website to download and install, which to me seemed insane and absurd.”

Microsoft’s Panay says, “One of the incredible benefits of the Windows platform is that it provides a broad and open ecosystem that gives people choice. Today, the ecosystem is stronger than it has ever been across hardware, software, apps, peripherals and more.

Google cares so little about the Microsoft Store that it thinks it’s a game console, but it’s not

The Microsoft Store has a lot to offer users looking for new hardware, but dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly find that the app side is still a dumpster fire. I very rarely visit the store and never download software there, because why would I?

And you? What do you think of the Microsoft Store? Share your comments below.

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