Microsoft Windows 11 SE Seeks To Take Over Chromebook Education Market


As reported by Windows Central, Microsoft is working on what you might call the “Surface Laptop SE” and it is apparently designed to compete with Chromebooks in the education market. Codenamed Tenjin, it will have an Intel Celeron N4120 and will be low cost. It will likely come with Windows 11 SE preinstalled. Back when we first heard that Microsoft had canceled a version of its operating system that was supposed to rival Chrome OS in terms of universal simplicity, user experience, and ease of adoption, I felt and ended up being right that the company would focus on 11 and make it as universal and accessible as Chrome OS.

Windows 11 SE is developed to run on low-end hardware and is intended for the education market. According to Tom’s Hardware, it is actually created and intended for children. For this reason, it will feature a lite version of the operating system without any ads. The News & Interests widget will be removed, it will have full Win32 app support with S mode disabled, a blocked Microsoft Store by default, and a Settings app that removed all mentions of Edge and Bing. Oh, and the phone integration will be removed as well.

SE is not intended to replace Windows 11 Education Edition, but rather to accompany it in the market. While we don’t know much about the new, streamlined version of the operating system yet, we do – Microsoft is jumping into the search for Google Chromebooks. In education, the company lost its foothold years ago, and yes, as Chrome OS entered that space because nobody wanted it on the consumer side at the time, it did. took root and is now the dominant experience in the classroom.

For this reason, Microsoft has a long way to go. It’s been trying to get schools back for years with budget hardware, but Windows 10 was just too open and complex for kids, and its entry-level hardware was cheap and crappy compared to aluminum, glass. and the high-end 4-in-1. features that come with mid-range Chromebooks. Getting a Surface-branded machine in the hands of kids and making them affordable will help the company’s strategy, but I anticipate five to ten years before they see massive success on a large scale. Yes, Windows is still the colloquial name, but Chromebooks only dominate this space these days.

Do I think Windows can overtake Chrome OS in education? May be. It would be foolish to pretend that this is not a possibility. I mean, it’s a trusted name, and they’ve got decades of endurance in the minds and hearts of generations, but the new generation is using iPads and Chromebooks in school, and they’ll grow up in them. ‘by handing over to these new technologies and brands as they age. Google has done a lot to get where it is today, and they won’t be easily dethroned.

Even if that happens, and I believe it’s still a possibility, I don’t think Google would be too broken about it. Schools are a staple of its business, but over the past five or so years, Chromebooks have become a key part of success for millions of business owners, businesses, home-based families, and even people who want something new, exciting and Easy.

Add to that the fact that web apps are the new normal and PWAs are on the rise – not to mention that none of these experiences are essential the Windows way, and you yourself have a recipe for the two operating systems will co-exist for many years to come. Google has fought an uphill battle to get to where they are now, and it’s not because the IT MA (one of them) comes along and decides to do things differently based on From Google’s influence over the past decade, that doesn’t mean that millions of Chromebook users, both in and out of schools, will immediately redeem and buy a Windows device.

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