Microsoft: Windows 11 will get new features more regularly in the future

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft has announced today that it intends to start delivering new Windows 11 features to users on a much more regular basis, as it commits to removing features similar to the one that just started rolling out today. New features will no longer be tied to major OS releases, but will be shipped as smaller, cumulative-style updates via Windows Update anytime Microsoft deems a feature to be ready for hours. great listening.

The announcement was made by product manager Panos Panay, who said:

As today’s release shows, we’re committed to delivering experiences in Windows 11 that enrich and inspire people’s lives. Over time, you’ll see us releasing new features more frequently in Windows 11 for end users in addition to our annual update. We will leverage the variety of update mechanisms we have in place, including Microsoft Store maintenance and updates. Our goal is to provide continuous innovation, giving you the best experiences all year round.

This is a huge change for Windows, although it has been in the works for some time. Microsoft had been testing the waters with shipping new features apart from major updates last year with the introduction of the “News & Interests” taskbar feature on Windows 10. Now Microsoft is ready to do of these feature removals an official and regular thing.

This means that features that appear in the Windows Insider dev or beta channels can begin shipping to Windows 11 at any time. Once Microsoft has gathered enough feedback and ensured the feature is stable, it can have it ready for release in just a few months, rather than waiting an entire year for the next major OS release. .

Speaking of which, Microsoft is still committing to one major feature update per year. The next one is currently in development and should start rolling out in the second half of this year. Some features will be saved for major releases, but many of them can now be rolled out to the existing shipping version if Microsoft sees fit.

So even though Microsoft reduced its operating system releases to one per year with the launch of Windows 11, it looks like users will get more features faster overall. Is this a good or a bad thing? Only time will tell. For now, Windows 11’s first feature is rolling out, and it includes taskbar improvements and the introduction of Android app support.

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