Microsoft Windows Brings DirectStorage API, Focusing on Faster Load Times for Games, and MORE

Microsoft Windows brings a new feature for all high-level users of its computer systems with the “DirectStorage” API which aims to provide a faster experience for everyone. The goal of this new feature is to alleviate file decompression to the CPU, essentially opening a new gateway for fast loading, writing, and reading of files from the SSD.

Microsoft Windows brings the DirectStorage API

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Microsoft blog post announced the arrival of the new DirectStorage API for Windows operating systems, and it will help to use SSDs available to the public. The arrival of the feature marks a new era for Windows systems as it promises to make the processes faster and better for the user’s system usage.

The blog post claims that the system will forgo the need to let the CPU decompress files every time the massive process takes place. Instead, the feature will rush and focus on Windows loading times in its SSD, and with that, the process will take the strain off the CPU and focus on its drive to do the work for them.

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DirectStorage and the faster functionality it promises

The DirectStorage feature has been in development for nearly two years, with Microsoft first announcing it. company in September 2020, and it gave users an idea of ​​the new process within Windows. It aims to bring faster functionality for the system, focusing on its execution.

With this, players can enjoy more detailed work as it won’t need the CPU every time it loads profiles or codes, and the same goes with programs.

Microsoft Windows Features

Microsoft is now focused on its Windows 11, and the software company’s latest operating system brings a lot to the public to discover about many of its processes. Last February saw a massive move to Windows 11, and that only means people are accepting the new operating system and integrating with whatever it brings for all their needs.

In 2021, Microsoft promised the public a lot to experiment and see with its use of Windows 11 software coming in 2022, and one of its promises is the DirectStorage feature that anyone can use. Updates will be coming soon, and they are not released in one version for this year.

Nevertheless, Microsoft’s promises are unfolding slowly, starting with DirectStorage.

DirectStorage will help to speed up computer processes as it will not depend as much on CPU performance as before. This feature would reduce the need for higher CPU processes, mainly depending on the fast NVMe SSDs installed in its systems, giving it the power to carry the essentials of the computer for its games and programs.

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