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Microsoft Windows Defense is undergoing a major overhaul that allows home network administrators to deploy Android, iOS, and Mac clients to monitor anti-virus, phishing, password leak, and identity theft alerts from a secure dashboard.
In the past, antivirus solutions were very simple PC applications, each device had its protection, but none of the devices spoke to each other.
With this setup, if a device detects malware, only the person using the device knows, rather than providing a centralized reporting dashboard.
As home networks become more complex, connected and diverse, antivirus vendors are starting to offer lean versions of their business offerings that allow home admins to manage all devices from a single board. on board.

Microsoft’s Complete Home Security Suite

Over the past few years, Microsoft has focused on corporate security, while Windows 10 users have had to use passable but fairly generic Microsoft antivirus software built into the software.
Everything is about to change, based on a new Microsoft Defender Preview app that was added to the Microsoft Store last week, with Microsoft creating a full home security suite for Windows 11, Windows 10, iOS, Android, and macOS.
Microsoft Defender is a security app that puts your mind at ease. With our personalized dashboard, you can view the security posture of your Windows device and other connected devices (Mac, iOS and Android) in one only place, ”reads the Microsoft Defender Preview app description.
The new preview is internally codenamed “Gibraltar” because it is currently limited to Microsoft employees.
However, the strings found in the executable files by BleepingComputer indicate that the new security solution will include anti-virus, phishing protection, password leak detection, identity theft monitoring, advice from security, etc.
Home admins will add other family members to their dashboards via email or QR code invitations. These invitations can lead the device to install an iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS agent that automatically registers in the Home Security Dashboard.
Ahmed Walid, a Windows software developer, tinkered with the app to bypass authentication, giving us a preview of what the new Microsoft Defender security dashboard will look like.
The dashboard will allow you to view device health alerts for monitoring identities and future connections. Additionally, the Identity Theft Watch feature will support API calls found in the Microsoft Defender preview subscription for kids and adults.
Using their ‘personal dashboard’, home network administrators can monitor ‘health’ alerts for all registered devices, which may include password leaks, malware alerts, or issues. identity theft.
It’s unclear when Microsoft Defender Preview will be available for beta testing, but it will likely first appear on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Insiders in the coming months.
BleepingComputer has contacted Microsoft with further questions about this new feature and will update the post if we have any news.

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