Mozilla’s Firefox Internet Browser Comes to the Windows Microsoft Store App Store


The Firefox Internet browser is finally (via Thurrott) on its way to the Microsoft Store App Store. The move appears to be in response to the recent policy change by Microsoft that now allows more third-party browsers and other apps on their app store platform.

“Microsoft has relaxed restrictions on its Windows Store that effectively banned third-party browsers from the store,” reads an article on Mozilla’s official blog. “We have been advocating for more user choice and control over the Windows operating system for years.

“We are happy to hear that their store is now more open to businesses and applications, including independent browsers like Firefox. We believe that a healthier Internet is one where people have the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of browsers and browser engines. Firefox will be available in the Windows Store later this year.

Currently, the Windows (Desktop) version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser must be downloaded and installed directly from the official Mozilla website.

The Opera internet browser was recently added to the Microsoft Store, but it should be noted that although the app is listed in the store, it is managed and updated independently from Microsoft. The Epic Games Store app, which was also recently added to the Microsoft Store, also works this way. It’s unclear at this time how the Firefox app will be handled in the Microsoft Store once it’s added.

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