PS5 exclusive Forspoken makes an unexpected appearance in the Microsoft Store

Forspoken, an action RPG formerly known as Project Athia, debuted in 2020 alongside Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event. He follows Frey, torn from her life in New York City and transported to Athia’s land, where she learns a variety of new powers used to help her survive.

The game was announced for PlayStation 5 and PC earlier this year, with a dedicated Steam page already live for the title. The page doesn’t share any new details about the project, but also comes with an unexpected appearance in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The title also looks set to support Xbox Live achievements and saves in the game. Xbox cloud, as listed. (Going through IdleSloth84).

The game is assumed to join the Microsoft Store to maximize profits, with several older Square Enix titles also available through the PC storefront. The list may also hint at intentions to bring the game to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service on PC. Outriders, the latest project from Square Enix and People Can Fly, also debuted on Xbox Game Pass earlier in 2021.

Until we hear more details from Microsoft or Square Enix regarding the plausibility of an Xbox Game Pass launch, it’s worth taking this news lightly, until we have official confirmation. of its PC plans.

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