The 5 Best Shopping Apps on the Microsoft Store

Online shopping has simplified traditional shopping in that it is impossible to go back. The new way of doing things has gotten so used to the public that nothing is more enjoyable than sitting at a computer and ordering items.

Even though people generally prefer to order through e-commerce websites, dedicated apps from the same hubs are slowly taking over. They’re easy to download from the Windows Store and offer it all; in fact, they can do more than you could on the store’s website. Here are five of the best shopping apps you can download right now.

The Amazon app on the Microsoft Store

Anyone who hears the term “online shopping” immediately thinks of Amazon. You might have used Amazon’s website at least once in your life, but its Windows app is pretty good too.

The new version of the Amazon app for Windows 10 allows you to make quick purchases, search for items, compare their prices, and after reading the reviews, share the product with your friends and family. Although it provides the same functionality as the web, the app is as secure as its web counterpart thanks to the purchase mechanism tied to Amazon’s secure servers.

The interface may differ slightly, but the options, including filtering out deliverables to your location and seamlessly adding them to your cart, are almost the same. The mechanism for accessing Amazon accounts, shopping lists and general inventory is also similar.


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Whether you use the app or the online website, Amazon Hub has the best deals at the most affordable prices. Almost everything you could possibly need can be found on Amazon, from everyday hairpins to gigantic computer platforms. Try out the Amazon app and see what you think.

While this app is best used on Windows 10, the requirements for this app on the Microsoft Store state that users with OS 8.1 or higher will be able to use it.

To download: Amazon for Windows (free in-app purchases available)

The AliExpress Windows Shopping App

If you search for AliExpress on the Microsoft Store, you’ll find a few apps claiming that they can do the job. However, one of these apps was released by itself: the AliExpress Shopping app.

However, the main question is, is the AliExpress Shopping app enough? Well, that’s pretty good. The app allows users to search for items they might like and order them without leaving the app. As on the site, you will have access to a range of basic products at much lower prices.

It offers more than 100 million products ranging from consumer goods to auto parts and electronics. Plus, free shipping on over 75% of products is icing on the cake.

Since all of the sellers on the app are third parties, many of them are companies in China; be sure to double check the seller profile comments before making a purchase. In the event of a scam or loss of your property, AliExpress is not responsible.

Finally, only users of Windows 10 or above will enjoy this app. Therefore, if you are using an older version, you will need to upgrade it.

To download: AliExpress for Windows (free)

EBay's Windows app

If you enjoy shopping on eBay but find its website interface frustrating, you might benefit from the unofficial eBay app. Explore for eBay is a convenient alternative to the Microsoft Store that serves as an unofficial app for its eBay customers.

From anywhere, users can search, bid, buy, and sell on eBay, just like on the eBay browser website. The app also has some great deals that one could avail on the website.

However, since this is not an official offer from the eBay company, it also does not provide the best user experience. Try the app and see if the UI impresses you, if not, just stick with the website.

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As the app only works with Windows 10 and later versions, your system may not support it with a lower version of the operating system.

To download: Explore for eBay (free in-app purchases available)

Windows Kohls app

If you are from the United States, you probably already know what Kohl’s is. One of the most visited department stores in the United States, the store has both a website and a Windows app that you can quickly download from the Microsoft Store. The application works on Windows 8.1 or higher.

Kohl’s app gives shoppers across the country the ability to order any item available in store and even take advantage of store discounts and rewards.

Kohl’s primarily focuses on buying and selling clothing and as such is primarily used as a clothing store. Other apps on this list might be a better fit for you if you want to purchase items like kitchen utensils, tech accessories, hardware tools, or the like.

To download: Kohl’s for Windows (free)

Flipkart interface

Flipkart is an online marketplace in the United States that is as famous as Kohl’s. And, as you might expect, it’s also available on the Microsoft Store, which should work with all devices running Windows 8 or higher.

With the huge selection of legitimate items in electronics, clothing, tech devices, and other categories, shoppers can buy almost anything. To attract more users from their browser website to this app, Flipkart offers several app-only incentives. Additionally, users will be happy to receive timely notifications whenever a new offer or discount is available.

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The app offers buyer protection, different payment options, personalized alerts for deals, offline browsing and the ability to share your favorite shopping lists with friends and family on social media platforms, which makes it one of the most feature-rich apps on the list.

To download: Flipkart for Windows (free)

Whether you’re looking for the best Christmas Eve sellers or want to improve your everyday online shopping experience, the Microsoft app store has plenty of great options for you. Most of the apps are free, so be sure to try them all!

Do you know the risks of shopping online? Unencrypted data, adware, identity theft, fake stores, and data breaches are several of these threats. So, always be careful and take precautions to protect yourself.

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