The 6 Best Medical Apps for Windows 10 on the Microsoft Store

In the age of technology, there is an app for almost everything. In fact, many industries now rely on different software that can help them be more efficient and productive. The same is true for the medical sector. Students, patients and doctors are now using other applications to meet their various needs.

Apart from tablets and smartphones, individuals can also use their Windows devices to access medical applications whenever they need them. We have listed the best medical apps for your Windows 10 on Microsoft Store below.

offline medical dictionary

Offline Medical Dictionary app is perfect for students and people who need to look up medical definitions frequently even without an internet connection. This offline dictionary contains over 300,000 definitions and is currently available for free on the Microsoft Store. This app can provide convenience and efficiency, especially if you are writing an article and trying to avoid the distractions you may find online. Finally, it works like your regular dictionary app, so you don’t have to worry about a complex interface.

To download: Offline medical dictionary (To free)

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Complete Anatomy 2022

Unlike the previous application, this program is created for students, medical teachers and practitioners. This app is a 3D anatomy platform that uses breakthrough technology, models, and content. It’s not just your normal anatomy atlas; it is an anatomy learning platform with unique collaboration and learning tools.


The program contains one of the most detailed and comprehensive human anatomy models. It also includes thousands of individual structures such as a living, beating, dissectable human heart in full 3D. Additionally, it has a unique spine and abdomen dissection course, 28 stunning microscopic anatomy models. It even has an AR mode that includes multi-user AR on many compatible devices. Moreover, it contains more than 1500 clinical videos on various medical fields such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology and many more.

Finally, it can support English, Chinese and Spanish languages. That’s why it’s one of the most recommended Microsoft apps for students in the medical field.

To download: Complete Anatomy 2022 (Free in-app purchases available)

Goofy Anatomist

If you are currently studying or teaching about the human heart, chest, or lungs, or are just curious about how the human body works, this app is for you. The Goofy Anatomist is another medical app that offers anatomy learning resources designed for medical students, teachers, and lecturers.

This educational app can run on various Windows devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and even HoloLens. The program provides extensive resources of easy-to-understand notes and diagrams that can help anyone learn about the chest easily. It also offers video tutorials to guide you through complex topics, including coronary arteries and heart valves.

Plus, it comes with over 120 downloadable PDF quizzes and 50 interactive quizzes that you can use to test and deepen your chest knowledge. It also includes 25 blank templates that you can annotate to create your own notes regarding various topics covered in the app.

To download: Goofy Anatomist (Free in-app purchases available)

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Network of medical students

Student Doctor Network is a social media platform specially designed for people in the medical field. The aim of the app is to support and encourage all students in the medical field by providing a platform where they can voice their concerns and issues during their training and in practice.

At Student Doctor Network, you can find one of the most active and supportive medical communities on the internet, with many members forming lifelong friendships. Many members of the platform are now practicing physicians in various medical and healthcare fields. So if you have any questions or topics that are troubling you, you can use this app to search for answers. Many professionals can help you and give you the support you need. Think of it like Reddit, only designed for doctors and doctors.

To download: Network of medical students (To free)

let's stop diabetes

Let’s Stop Diabetes is a revolutionary app that aims to create a better connection between diabetes patients and their doctors. This application provides a platform for doctors to easily monitor the health of their patients, so that they can provide them with better treatments. For example, patients can quickly share their blood results in the app by taking a photo of their results or tapping it. Doctors can then track them, so they can assess whether a particular treatment or medication is currently working or not.

Apart from this, the app also helps diabetic patients to monitor their current lifestyle and check if any of their decisions have an impact on their disease. The app also provides tips and recipes that patients can use with their condition. Finally, patients can also find challenges and rewards to motivate them to adopt better habits that can positively affect their lives.

To download: let’s stop diabetes (Free in-app purchases available)

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Med Enews

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest happenings and innovations in your medical organization, Med Enews is the best app for you. It is an ideal companion for doctors and medical practitioners as it gives updates on any area you want to be informed about. For example, if you are a cosmetic surgeon who wants to get updates on current trends in cosmetic surgery, all you have to do is subscribe to the topic.

You can also get event updates and reminders, and group push alerts. Plus, you can view attachments right from the app, so you won’t have to worry about downloading them to your device. If you have a Windows phone, you can also download the app for convenience.

To download: Med Enews (To free)

The Best Medical Apps for Windows 10

There are thousands of medical apps for Windows 10 available now on the Microsoft Store. If you are a doctor or future doctor, these apps can help you along your journey in the medical industry while providing convenience and efficiency. Ultimately, the best medical apps always come down to what you need. Ask yourself how technology can improve your practice and look for programs that can help solve your problem; this will be the best app for you.

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