The Microsoft Store will finally allow you to install PC games wherever you want

One of the most annoying features of installing PC games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC is about to disappear. According to the report of The edge and a video recently released by Microsoft (below), the company will finally allow users to install their PC games in any folder they choose, with unrestricted access to that folder once it’s installed.

Yes, that means there are no more WindowsApps folders in the root of your hard drive that you can’t access, delete, or do anything about.

This also means that you will be able to modify the games you own once they are installed; as if you have installed the popular game Skyrimand I wanted to install things from NexusMods you can load all the chest enhancement, bug fix and relight options you wanted.

The big change will come in a future update for the Xbox app for Windowswhich is currently “internally tested” according to The edge sources.

The current Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass model for PC installs games in folders with Windows-based folder permissions, making it complicated to manually delete those folders and impossible to save those games or move them to. new drives, as if you have to reinstall your PC or set up a new machine.

Literally every other game launcher, from Steam to GoG to Epic Games, lets you backup game installs, move folders, restore to a new PC, and verify installs.

The next Xbox app update will include the ability to verify or repair installs, opening up the option to save games. Microsoft also says the app will let you browse to where files are installed, change the drive used for installations, and even create custom folders to install into.

We can’t wait for the Xbox app on PC to look more like the full game launchers we’re used to. If you’re an Xbox Insider, expect to see the beta appear before the free beta of Infinite Halo multiplayer on December 8.

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