The Microsoft Windows 11 App Store is now accessible through a web browser

Microsoft keeps changing the outlook of its web page. It also brings new features to keep users attracted to Microsoft and also to give users ease of grasping the application. Microsoft has rolled out a new web front for the Windows App Store. He has actually redesigned the website which shows new perspectives to experience their new app store which was introduced on Windows 11. Moreover, Microsoft Windows 11 App Store can be accessed through a web browser.

The new website allows users to use any phone or tablet to visit app product pages, even if the Microsoft Store app is not installed on the device. The website appears to provide the same information used to appear on the native Microsoft Store app.

Easier to use Microsoft Windows 11 App Store Update

The user can see product images, reviews, and ratings, but cannot see app specification requirements. For this he must go to from any device he has with a web browser and he will then access the new web front.

Website supports new Microsoft Store mini install prompt

The new website also supports the new Microsoft Store mini-install prompt. The Microsoft Store app is the first to introduce it. When the user clicks the “Install” button on the website on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC, a window will pop up asking them to confirm the download. Upon conformation, the app will start installing without having to take the user to the full version of the Microsoft Store app. The experience is so seamless and unified that the user benefits from it and it facilitates the user in every possible way.

Website supports listing for new unpackaged Win 32

The new version of the Windows app store includes the list of new unpackaged Win32 apps that were first introduced in Windows 11. This option was not available in the old version of the website.

This new web front is quite attractive and introduces a lot of things that weren’t there before. It displays different apps on the front of the webpage rather than movie updates. The front of the page saying “connect and stay informed” with an attractive rear display will soon attract the attention of many.

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