Unissued Microsoft shares sell for $1,300, Pong prototype costs over a quarter of a million dollars

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Several historic pieces of technology and associated memorabilia have been auctioned off recently. The collection included two mice belonging to Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the mouse, and several items related to Apple founder Steve Jobs. The auction also had an early prototype Pong, which fetched the most money for a single item.

Now that the auction is over, the deals are finalized, and the dust has settled, we can take a look at what people have spent on historic gadgets. Topping the list is a Pong ‘Home Edition’ prototype that sold for $270,910. Several Steve Jobs memorabilia also cost significant sums, including a check signed by Jobs and Steve Wozniak worth $163,923.

The winning bid for an unissued piece of Microsoft stock from 1990 was $1,305. For that price, the buyer could have obtained more than four actual shares of Microsoft, but these would not have the historical significance of the certificate being auctioned.

The mice sold at auction were given to Bill Daul by Engelbart. While the internal functions of mice differ greatly from today’s input devices, it’s easy to see a resemblance between them and today’s best gaming mice.

You can check the RR Auction website to see how much people spent on other big budget items, including a computer manual worth over $42,000.

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