Warhammer 3 preload times for Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store

Warhammer 3 can’t be played at the start of the month, but everyone on Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store can prepare by making sure it’s preloaded.

The Total War franchise kicks into high gear this week with the release of Warhammer 3 on Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store. There are currently no plans to bring the popular spin-off to consoles, so all eyes will be on the PC platform.

And while there’s no way to start your campaign earlier, you can preload Warhammer 3 this week on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and Microsoft Store.

The preload options will only be available to those who are Game Pass Ultimate subscribers or have pre-ordered the game. But if you meet the criteria, it will be worth it.

WARHAMMER III | Soul Grinder Trailer

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WARHAMMER III | Soul Grinder Trailer






Warhammer 3 preload times on Steam, Game Pass, Microsoft Store

Preloading is a simple process of downloading everything you need to start playing your chosen game right from the release date. Warhammer 3 is set to launch on February 17, and as the name suggests, you can have everything you need ahead of time.

The good news is that this early option is open to anyone who has the required 120GB to download the game on the platforms listed above. And Warhammer 3 preload time is set for Tuesday, February 15 at 3pm GMT / 10am EST / 7am PST. The guide on how to do this on each chosen platform can be found below and should include the necessary information for pre-order customers and subscribers:


Open the Microsoft Store by pressing the Windows key and searching for “Store”. In the search box at the top of the window, search for Total War: WARHAMMER III. Click the Install button to start downloading the game files.

Open the Xbox app by pressing the Windows key and searching for the “Xbox Console Companion”. Look for Total War: WARHAMMER III; click on the Pre-installation button and select the drive on which you want to install the game, then click on Install.


For players who pre-purchased the game from the Steam store: Open your Steam client. Find Total War: WARHAMMER III in your library and click the INSTALL button.

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