Windows 11 Beta improves the Microsoft Store, is that enough?


Microsoft released Windows 11 For users of the Insider Build beta channel. It will also improve the redesigned Microsoft Store.

The store has been a hot topic since its announcement in June. Microsoft is positioning it as a one-stop-shop for apps for Amazon’s Android apps, not just Windows.

There are already applications like Zoom and OBS Studio Already appeared It was in the store before Windows 11 was released, but it’s a welcome improvement over the Windows Store since it first appeared in Windows 8.

Insider builds are released almost every two weeks with minor improvements here and there. The Microsoft Store has also been improved to accommodate a large number of users after it officially opened.

What has improved?

Version 22107.1401.6.0 is available for Insider users on the Dev Channel. This improves notifications when installing apps from the store, as well as a new interface if you want to leave a star rating or a detailed review. Improved performance.

Microsoft Store lead architect Rudy Huyn got Twitter to highlight these updates.

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Further improvements and improvements can be made to the official version of Windows 11, especially since Amazon’s Android app has not yet appeared in the insider version.

I feel like Microsoft is well aware that the first attempt at the Windows Store could have been better. That’s why the new Microsoft Store is trying to fix past issues while attracting a wide range of users with the advent of Windows 11.

Nowadays on tablets and laptops, when you set up your device, you may see a link to a location where you can download the software immediately. From the App Store to the Google Play Store, there is always a market that you can access with just a few clicks.

This is a great opportunity for Microsoft to make it easier for casual PC users to download and update their apps without having to search for them in a web browser. Developers can earn shares through the store, but new users can be confident that they are downloading apps through a store designed and approved by Microsoft without worrying about the security implications.

These improvements to recent versions of Windows 11, regardless of their size, make a big difference in how casual users decide on a new store, and whether it’s a permanent shortcut for their desktop. However, it’s on a positive path at this point, and it’s interesting to see how it works in Windows 11 once the Android apps become available.

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