Windows Server 2022 gets General Full Version


Microsoft has announced the full general release of Windows Server 2022 software for users worldwide.

The company confirms that the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) version, which offers 10 years of support, is now available to all users.

This release is another big part of Windows 11 ahead of launch later this year, as Microsoft continues its campaign to update all major software products ahead of next-gen updates.

Windows Server 2022

As described in Microsoft’s blog post as a “big step forward”, it will be released a few days after the apparent release of Windows Server 2022 in a near-secret version from Microsoft.

“With Windows Server 2022, customers can continue to run their workloads securely, enable new hybrid cloud scenarios, and modernize their applications to meet evolving business needs,” the system said. Microsoft’s main operating and edge infrastructure. Bernardo Caldas, vice president of program management, said.

Caldas explains how Windows Server 2022 provides “advanced multi-layered security,” including secure central server upgrades provided by Microsoft’s hardware partners to help customers improve the security of critical systems. I have described what to offer.

It also offers increased security during data transfer including faster and more secure encrypted HTTPS protocol in addition to industry standard AES-256 encryption which features secure connections and supports Server Message Block protocol ( SMB). ..

The new version also matches Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Caldas says Windows Server 2022 will be able to offer Azure Arc connectivity as more customers choose hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to help digitally transform their businesses.

Customers also have access to extensive scalability options that support up to 48TB of memory and 2,048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets for businesses with demanding use cases. Elsewhere, Microsoft says Windows Server 2022 has improved application compatibility for Windows containers, supports IPv6 and dual stacks, and supports Kubernetes containers.

Users can download Windows Server 2022 now or try it out on Azure through the Windows Server Assessment Center.

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