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Windows Server 2022 quietly reaches the “general availability” release stage

Windows Server 2022 reached “General Availability” (GA) on August 18, and a possibly working ISO is now available from Microsoft. Volume Licensing Service Center.

The Visual Studio subscriptions The developer download page lists the availability of “Windows Server 2022 Languages ​​and Optional Features.” However, the full bits of the product didn’t appear to be there at press time.

Microsoft, remarkably, has not publicly announced the commercial release of its latest Windows Server product. The date of the AGM of August 18 was indicated in this Windows Server 2022 lifecycle support page, which was noted by Tero Alhonen in this twitter message.

The availability of Windows Server 2022 ISO, dated August 19, was also noted by Alhonen in this twitter message, although he later explained that the product keys are missing.

Announcement date Speculation
Wesley miller, analyst at Itinerary on Microsoft, an independent consulting firm, speculated in the Twitter thread above that Microsoft will wait until September 1 to announce the commercial release of Windows Server 2022, when Microsoft’s product terms may be available:

As I noted yesterday, it would be very strange if it hit VL and the product conditions had not been updated – which usually only happens on the first of a month. This is still not the case. I would bet the whole thing will happen on September 1st.

Microsoft’s Product Terms posts, which list updated prices for its products, usually arrive on the first of the month. Microsoft’s GA release announcement model, however, was typically to announce a GA product before the product terms were released, which basically means the product is announced, but you can’t buy it until the first of the month. month.

In this case, Microsoft hasn’t really announced that Windows Server 2022 has reached general availability – at least, not in the usual way it advertises such issues.

“It’s the strangest version I’ve ever seen,” Miller commented.

Microsoft announced earlier this week that it plans to host a Windows Server Summit event on September 16, which is a public event but requires registration to attend. This September 16 date could also be Microsoft’s planned announcement date.

Windows Server 2022 was in production (RTM) in June. However, it was also called a “preview” at the time. This was an odd description, as “RTM” is the old Microsoft nomenclature for finished software bits that undergo testing by original equipment manufacturers before the final product is released. In other words, RTMs are not overviews.

Windows Server 2022 Editions and Features
Microsoft plans to release a Standard Edition, a Datacenter Edition, and an Azure Datacenter Edition of Windows Server 2022, with Core and Desktop installation options. Products will be updated through the long-term service channel release model, as Microsoft has dropped the semi-annual channel update option (updates arriving twice a year) for all Windows Server products taken. in charge.

Windows Server 2022 has some notable new features. On the security side, it has Secured Core boot protection, use of the TLS 1.3 protocol by default, and domain name system encryption over HTTPS. Communications will be better protected from viewing with Server Message Block (SMB) on QUIC capability. The server will also have SMB compression for faster file access.

More details on new features in Windows Server 2022 can be found in this Redmond article.

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