You can find Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express app on the Microsoft Store

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  • Did you know that Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express app is now free in the Store?
  • You can grab it just by going to the Microsoft Store and hitting download.
  • It’s a free web and mobile experience for creators and businesses.
  • There is also a subscription version which unlocks a lot of new features.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

If by any chance you weren’t already aware that this is happening, we can tell you that it most definitely is happening.

Adobe and Microsoft are teaming up to help frame builders, entrepreneurs and SMBs get a head start in their brand careers with a new Freemium Creative Cloud Express promotion.

So, Adobe provides a Creative Cloud Express app which is a free web and mobile experience for creators and small and medium businesses to take advantage of fast branding or marketing models.

Get Adobe Creative Cloud Express for free from the Store

The Redmond-based tech giant is also promoting this new software through the Microsoft Store, giving customers a quick and secure way to grab the app and get started.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Express provides over 22,000 templates, access to tools such as animations, videos, PDF converters, Photoshop effects, Adobe’s collection of fonts, photos, icons, backgrounds, and more.

Creative Cloud Express provides access to millions of photos, fonts, templates, graphics, and other resources that give you a head start on any project. Finding what you need is easy with intuitive and smart search. And our assets are easy to remix. If you find a graphic you like, you can swap it into your own image, and Creative Cloud Express will automatically apply all of the filters and effects from the original graphic.

If you opt for a Creative Cloud Express subscription, you unlock more templates, get access to the entire collection of royalty-free Adobe Stock photos, effects and fonts.

On top of all this, you will also get premium features like Apply Branding, Custom Cutout, and Resize.

Your paid subscription includes premium versions of apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud Express on web and mobile (iOS and Android), Adobe Premiere Rush on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android), Adobe Photoshop Express on mobile (iOS , Android), and Adobe Spark Video on mobile (iOS).

And if you already have an Adobe CC account or work with Adobe files, Creative Cloud Express is just another cross-platform tool to help frames and semi-professionals create fast and easy content on the fly.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, Google Play, and the web.

However, for $ 9.99 or $ 99 / year, you can unlock 175 million Adobe Stock photos, 20,000 Adobe Stock fonts, and expanded access to a handful of other Adobe suite apps.

Also, if you have a new Surface device, the addition of access to Adobe Creative Cloud Express is another bonus that comes with the 3-month trial subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

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