You can now find the WSATools in the Microsoft Store

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  • Good news for users interested in tweaking with WSATools.
  • After it hasn’t shown up in the Store for a while, it’s now fixed.
  • With a simple search in the Store, you will find the app, instead of fakes.
  • If for some reason you can’t find it on the OS Store, try the web version.


We’re pretty sure you remember all the talk that was generated that users still couldn’t find the WSATolls in the Microsoft store.

Well, you might like to know what WSATools now shows up correctly in Microsoft Store search. Previously when we searched for it another app called Apk Installer would appear instead.

Not only that, but this software seemed like an exact copy and paste hack job from the real WSATools, which as you understand would drive everyone pretty crazy.

However, everything has changed now and, if you search for WSATools now, you will definitely find it and no other knockoffs.

WSATools will now appear in your store search

The Store team has received feedback from the developer about this issue and has been working on it to resolve it. A tweet shared yesterday confirms the bug is gone and Apk Installer has been reported for copying the app description.

If you didn’t already know, WSATools is an app released to the Microsoft Store almost two months ago and it’s designed to streamline the process of loading Android apps on Windows 11.

This replaces a rather tricky process of using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command line tool method.

However, it was later removed from the Store for some reason, but it’s finally coming back and is now also available through the search bar.

If by any chance the app is still not available on your device, you can always search for it on the browser version of Microsoft Store.

Another factor to consider is the fact that this is not official Microsoft software, so don’t expect tech giant Redmond to be fully responsible for it.

Having trouble with WSA on Windows 11? One of our fixes will surely help you solve this problem, so be sure to check out our dedicated article.

Did you find WSATools in your store? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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